Clinical Measurements

CIS Outcomes Measurement

At CIS we measure what we do. Our mission is to be an industry leader in providing the highest quality behavioral health care to our consumers. We use a data-driven model to improve treatment effectiveness and identify key predictors of outcomes, all with the aim of improving our consumers’ health and well being. 

Our Approach:

Treatment outcomes are assessed by measuring changes in symptoms and functioning over a consumer’s course of treatment. We use the most current outcome scales endorsed by DSM-5 and APA. We collect data through EHR technology that provides a view of outcomes for individuals as well as our population of thousands of consumers.

The Benefits: 

Measuring treatment outcomes tell us about the effectiveness of the care we provide to our consumers, and areas in need of improvement. Equally important is creating a model that predicts risks factors and directs our efforts toward proactive care that will diminish risks and improve the health and well being of our consumers.