CIS History and Overview

Community Intervention Services (CIS) was formed in April of 2012 for the express purpose of building a clinically focused, national provider of community based behavioral health and substance abuse services.  A key component to our business strategy is the community based services market is highly fragmented and dominated by small, unsophisticated operators. It is a market that is ideal for consolidation.   By implementing this consolidation strategy and acquiring “platform” companies, CIS will become a national company exclusively focused on the services provided to the consumer in their “natural” environment.

CIS’s business development strategy is focused on strong organic growth once an acquisition is completed.  This will be driven by (1) investing additional resources in technology (eg. EHR & information systems) (2) human capital (improved recruiting and retention initiatives); (3) expanding current geographic reach (e.g. new geographic area & new clinic sites) and (4) developing clinical programs, cross-fertilizing current programs among our existing companies.

Since April of 2012, CIS has completed three major acquisitions and two “tuck in” acquisitions.  They are:  (1) South Bay Community Services (“SBCS”) located in Massachusetts and Connecticut, (2) Access Family Services, Inc. (“AFS”) based in North Carolina and (3) Family Behavioral Resources, Inc. (“FBR”) serving Western Pennsylvania.  Our tuck-in acquisitions occurred in March 2013 with Autism Education Research Institute and in November 2014 with Carolina Choice.